Welcome to the online home of my made to measure and ready to wear collection! Here you’ll find outerwear staples for women, rendered in both trend-focused colours and seasonless neutrals. 

With a focus on quality design and finishing, you’ll never see me skipping pockets for profit because every piece is created to fulfill my style aspirations and closet inclinations. All garments are handmade in my Calgary workroom, so please peruse the shop to find your favourites and let me know if one steals your heart; I’d love to make it for you!

You can learn more about the collection, recent press, upcoming events, and studio secrets by signing up for my newsletter. For details on the values that govern the brand and design decisions I make, read on.


Generally, the word local has become more about marketing than information. Brands boast of their Canadian pedigree, while tip-toeing around actual manufacturing practices. They leverage mass production, lax working condition regulations, and the strength of our dollar in developing markets (the minimum living wage in China equates to roughly $2.50/hr CAD) to hit unrealistically low price points, impossible to match by small businesses. As a result, the craft behind clothing has been severely devalued and we find ourselves in the midst of an unsustainable race for the least expensive offering.

In contrast, every jacket you see on this website is designed, tested, cut, sewn, trimmed, and pressed by me in my Calgary studio. Instead of mind-numbingly sewing the same bluff pocket day in, day out on an assembly line, I produce beautifully made jackets, by hand and with soul, start to finish. My Calgary-based pattern drafter and fit model set their own rates and I work within them because I believe the world is a better place when people are properly compensated for their earned talents and natural gifts. To balance out comparatively higher production costs, jackets are priced at wholesale instead of compromised on design or quality.

Hiring local talent, supporting local businesses, and producing small quantities may increase the cost of creation, but the upside is worth it. Local economic diversity is improved. The creative community grows in its offerings and aspirations. High quality working environments are supported and normalized in the industry. The resources and talent pool needed for new designers to begin stay close and accessible. And because of all these factors, the diversity, novelty, and quality of offerings to consumers in the shops is elevated to an inspiring level.

I believe that regardless of personal style preferences, investing in a smaller wardrobe full of well-loved, mixable pieces is better for the environment, our finances, and sanity. This concept is rooted in The Slow Movement, which guides both my business and life. It heralds the value of quality over quantity; from relationships to food, from how we relax to what we wear. In this spirit, the merit and functionality of my designs and processes are carefully considered. Classic, thoughtful design, bespoke tailoring techniques, and luxurious natural fabrics translate to jackets that last a lifetime.