3 Tips For Creative Entrepreneurs

This past weekend Calgary creatives were blessed with another speaker series by PARK Forum. The sessions featured some of Canada's top brands and creative minds including keynote speakers from Herschel and Lulu Lemon. All gave the audience a jolt of inspiration, but tempered it with insights into the often difficult reality of growing a creative business. From finances to fashion shows, here are the top 3 pieces of advice I gleaned, accompanied by style snaps from Stance Creative


The best marketing strategy is treating customers well.
While relaying the Rosso story, it became apparent that taking service seriously brought the team both loyalty and a megaphone. Customers returned and brought their friends to support the one-man-show with a nack for remembering details. This sentiment was further reinforced when fellow speaker Ellen Parker of Parker PR drew the audience's attention to a photo of her wearing our Military Motorcycle Jacket!


Grow slow. 
Two of the speakers who had seen the most success were warning signs of what can happen when you grow too quickly. One ran into insurmountable cash flow problems, and the other simply burnt out. Although growth can be exciting and often viewed as as sign of success, each step forward should be tempered by planning and intuition. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. 


Retail is not dead, it's just changing.
Highlighted by Ken Bautista, the importance of brick and mortar shops for e-commerce businesses never felt so clear. Rather than offer super expensive square footage for hawking wares, physical locations now provide a place for consumers to connect with the brand, its values, and inspiration through design and events that encourage gathering and collaboration. This sentiment completely changed how I view my shop/studio at cSPACE King Edward. Now if I could only afford panelist Amanda Hamilton's magical interior design touch to transform my vision into reality.

Photos: Stance Creative
Location: cSPACE King Edward

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