Best Laid Plans


With twin boys arriving at the beginning of my most important sales season, I was eager to combat a momentum stall. I committed to events, booked private appointments, began development of our next two jackets, and discussed branching into other product categories, sure I could pull it off with a little hustle. And I was totally making it happen! That is, until my cervix decided to disagree with me. A scary visit to the doctor shook me with the realization that yes, I could do everything I wanted, but it could result in very premature babies.


In an attempt to keep the little guys cooking for as long as possible, I've decided to pull back and take the doctor's reduced activity order seriously. Custom orders already placed will be fulfilled by my team and I, ready-to-wear buying appointments will still be accepted, and we will be popping up at two events in June. However new custom work, blogging, business development, heavy lifting, and standing around in heels will come to a quick halt in favour of afternoon naps. I'm so excited for the late summer arrival of these boys and know that my passion for this business will continue to strengthen, even while I remain still.