Capturing Creations

A lot of fashion designers relish the prospect of planning glamorous photo shoots and runway shows, but to be completely honest, it makes me anxious. I'd much rather sit at my sewing machine and be soothed by the gentle tick-tick-tick of needle and thread than consider the merits of this season's latest trends in beauty and dress. It is for this reason I am so lucky to have an amazing team when the time comes to capture my creations. Jaia, Sarah, and Ken always bring so much talent and positive energy. They abound with new ideas that push me out of my potentially boring classic style comfort zone, while respecting the mood of the brand and often provide me with the confidence to execute my own ideas. Summer was a perfect addition to our group with an easy energy, sassy sense of humour, and a dizzying number of poses for Ken to capture! Our latest photo shoot this past Monday produced my favourite images to date and an unusual eagerness for our next adventure, all thanks to this amazing team. Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the day that I hope capture how much fun we had!