How To Wear White In Winter


As a woman with a very small wardrobe, I have found it to my benefit to bend the fashion rules and embrace my entire wardrobe year round. Occasionally, I get side eyes when wearing white in winter, but honestly, many of those same people question the practicality of the colour on a hot summer's day! Children's handprints, mustard drips, dirty cars, and wine spills make it a non-starter for many. But for those of you who share my desire to wear white when the snow flies, I've put together a few tips for doing so with ease. 


Keep it cozy.
Textures like cashmere, suede, and fur lend a pale look warmth, and therefore season appropriateness. 


The colder the better. 
When temperatures rise, so does the risk of ruining your outfit. Instead of sporting white when it's warmer, opt for sub-zero days to avoid slush and spray. 


Style it to suit.
If an all-white ensemble feels too airy, try only wearing one or two pieces, as I did here. I also grounded the blue, white, and grey look with black accessories to keep it from washing out my winter complexion.


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Photos: Stance Creative