In Good Company

In the past, whenever I dreamt of a studio it would look a particular way. Large paned windows, high ceilings, white washed, with heritage details. I would literally save images while thinking "I'll never find this in Calgary; everything here is too new". When Ken introduced me to cSPACE's Reid Henry, who then introduced me to the future home of my business, I was proven wrong (much to my excitement)!

But far beyond the benefit of beauty, cSPACE has offered me a community whose passion for their craft matches mine. I was chatting with my neighbour Shona Rae just prior to filming this video about a comment I'd received from a passerby. It was a Friday afternoon and they mentioned the excitement I must feel at the prospect of the weekend. The truth is that with me, Shona Rae, and likely most of the tenants at cSPACE, we love our jobs and relish every moment we get to spend in studio. 

To understand our passion for the space and our craft, you should really visit (it's particularly happening on Saturday afternoons). But if you can't, here's a peek inside...