Life By Design

Ellen is the kind of woman who on first introduction seems impossibly, frustratingly perfect. Intelligent, beautiful, gracious, and self-assured, I usually find such glossy faultlessness to be rather boring. And although her virtues continue to compound, she is anything but dull. Whether she is having a fiery street-side political debate with Ken or volunteering to teeter on the edge of a rooftop for this photo shoot, she is full of endearing surprises. It is for these reasons that I wanted to feature her in the first installment of “Wears It Well”, an interview style post highlighting some of my favourite clients, wearing their favourite jacket.

As the Director of Parker PR, mother of two cheeky boys, and community volunteer, how do you balance it all?
I have designed a life that works for me. My house is two doors down from my office in Hillhurst. My team knows that my children come first and I’ve intentionally over-staffed so I can prioritize them. And I would be remiss not to mention that my husband Erik is the family cook!

Working mothers always seem to be at the bottom of their own to do lists. With so much going on, what do you do to recharge yourself?
I spend time with supportive family & friends, spin at YYC Cycle in Kensington, have a good shop with good friends, go running, take in some live music, or visit art galleries.

You are very locally-minded in how you spend your time and money. Why do you choose to support small, local businesses like mine?
I value talented, hard working people and women entrepreneurs! Anneke Forbes brand is amazing and I would rather save up to own fewer beautiful pieces - and support a friend.  I love your jackets!!!!


Photography: Ken Heinbecker
Model: Ellen Parker
Jacket: Anneke Forbes
Location: Parker PR Office, Kensington