Made To Measure

One of the perks of selling direct to consumer is that I receive honest feedback frequently. Clients can express how the garments feel and I can see where fit could be improved for each individual person. Often times, if something comes up consistently, we adjust the patterns so the ready-to-wear jackets suit most body types. Despite refining a fit I am super proud of, the fact of the matter is that a lot of us don't quite match up to off the rack sizing, and that's why I offer made-to-measure. Compensating for short arms, broad shoulders, or a slim waistline are adjustments that, if made to the pattern prior to sewing, can result in a perfect, personalized fit. If that sounds good to you, read on for more details on the process and be sure to RSVP to our Custom Motorcycle Jacket Event on May 24th!


Recently, I sold a Military Motorcycle Jacket to Morgan Hamel of The Garment. As she was trying on a size medium, I pointed out that although it fit beautifully through the shoulders, she was closer to a small through the body. After wearing it around the house, she got in touch to say she agreed, and would love to know how she could customize the fit. That's when I brought in the big guns. Martina Carello, my fit specialist and pattern drafter, has 25 years of experience in the industry with national brands like Reitmans and Jacob trusting her eye and expertise to develop and standardize product. Apart from being a total fit wizard, her warm demeanour and sharing spirit have made her a defining part of my business. She transformed my jackets from good to great and is always up for a creative challenge. 


Every made-to-measure order includes a consultation with Martina and myself, where we determine how to nail that personalized fit. We generally begin in the studio by trying on the jacket or jackets that most closely suit your size and shape, then tweak from there. Martina sees it all, and knows the best ways to adjust patterns to keep the cost of customization low and your love of the jacket all-consuming. If the alterations are minor, we will likely go straight into pattern making and you will be notified once the jacket is complete, as was the case with Morgan. If edits are more extensive, a second fitting could be necessary to ensure the perfect fit. The night of the Custom Motorcycle Jacket Event, we will be offering on-site fittings, but you can also book outside of the event for a more private experience. 


A lot of people steer clear of custom fit because it is notoriously overpriced. Although we do charge extra for the service, adjustments can run as low as $50, and I have yet to witness a quote surpassing $200. Custom fit is a permanent offering for my collection, however we will be offering it at a special rate on the 24th. Investing in a jacket you intend to wear for the rest of your life is worth the extra 5-10% to make sure it feels amazing and looks like it was made for you (because it was). We never begin working until the cost is dealt with and you won't be surprised by in-progress additional charges. 


Made-to-measure isn't the only customization we offer. A mind-boggling amount of leather, lining, and hardware options are available, which I will discuss in more detail next week's post. I am also working on offering embroidered lettering on the lining to add an extra personal touch. It makes me so happy to offer services like these. My hope is that they play a small part in pulling fashion back from mass production and anonymity, to a place of reverence for and inspiration from the individual. When the development of a jacket has been touched by the personality of its wearer, it becomes unique to them. My hope is that it then feels special enough to be worn regularly, forever. 


p.s. If you like Morgan's striped top, check out her Instagram for details on how you can buy it, and other beautiful pieces by sustainable brands, during her Travel Virtual Pop-Up.

Photos: Ken Heinbecker