Made With Love

As a nod to Fashion Revolution Week, I wanted to share with you a peek at current production. I love sharing my day-to-day on Instagram stories, but have carelessly tossed aside all marketing activities, becoming completely obsessed with creating the Double Zip Moto size run. It is a detrimental but enjoyable trap I fall into time and time again because sewing transports me to a place of energized, immersed focus. I become hypnotized by the soothing rhythm of the machine and addicted to the satisfaction of creating something by hand. The buttery-soft Italian lambskin is truly touchable, and under the strong and steady power of my Juki walking foot machine I'm able to create beautifully crafted garments that carry with them the joy I feel while sewing them. I truly love what I do, and hope that the Fashion Revolution movement inspires you to choose garments created with overflowing love rather than overwhelming fear.