New Home

Until this past January, I had been creating jackets from the spare room of our family home in Kensington. I'd roll out of bed, throw my hair in a topknot, and slip on an XL jogging suit. In this glamorous attire, I would put in between zero and 14 hours on the sewing machines. With no real distinction between business and personal time, it was easy to clean the house instead of work, or give my right foot carpal tunnel to meet a deadline while skipping meals and not seeing the sunshine. Although this pendulum of extremes tapered off as time went on, the real professional transformation came when I was accepted as a tenant at cSPACE King Edward.

New opportunities have accompanied the new location, including participation in the building's website banner video. For a glimpse into the creative community I now call home and it's numerous talented tenants, watch below, or stop by 1721 - 29th Avenue SW. I am there most weekday afternoons and love visitors!