Apart from meeting new clients and conveying my brand message to curious attendees, this year’s PARKSHOW provided me with so much more. Hearing a fellow maker enthusiastically recount her journey from in-house to outsourced manufacturing gave me hope that with some leg work, I can find a factory that will care about my product’s quality as much as I do. Having Ken’s encouragement and support, as he always provides, reminded me how lucky I am to have a husband who believes in me as much or more than I believe in myself. Receiving undivided interest in the Military Motorcycle Jacket’s story reconnected me to my why and pushed me to mine my family history for more inspiring antidotes. Getting out of my sweats and top knot and into a pretty dress and me-made jacket reminded me how fun it is to be the woman I design for. Sharing stories with a fellow designer who also specializes in leather jackets reminded me that Calgary is full of folks who are quick to collaborate, knowing there is room of all of us to succeed. And finally, it showed me that the sore feet and exhaustion are so worth it, every time. Thank you yet again PARK!


Jackets: Military Motorcycle Jacket in Olive and Midnight Navy, Two Button Overcoat, Double Zip Moto
Photos: Anneke Forbes, Kelly Hofer, and Lorraine Lee