What's Your Favourite Colour?


As I prepare for Thursday's event, the overriding sentiment is curiousity. With so many colour options for leather, lining, and hardware I just can't wait to see what my guests come up with. Will anyone choose an eye-catching and outlandish metallic? Will the clients pining for a bright yellow, rosy pink, or cobalt blue commit to creating the jacket of their dreams? Will I see a combination so stunning that I just have to produce it as a ready-to-wear option (and potentially name it after them!?!)?


If a black-on-black combination we're to be named after a client, it would be the strong, beautiful, and sweet Charlotte. She purchased the original Classic Motorcycle Jacket and just had to have black hardware. The versatility it lends the garment was very inspiring. So much so, that I asked her to model it for us in anticipation of the Custom Motorcycle Jacket Event. It was inspiring to see an old jacket, well loved, still looking fabulous. My favourite part of working with leather is that it gets better with time, molding to the wearer's body, giving in the right places for comfort, and becoming like a second skin. 


If you, like Charlotte, love the design of my motorcycle jackets, but have been hoping for a colour currently unavailable, read on for details of both the pricing and process of placing your order. We didn't photograph the colour and hardware options in detail, as they are best seen, felt, and fallen in love with in person, but all 96 lamb skin, 61 pig suede, 133 lining, and 6 hardware colour options will be present at the event, along with 15 zipper tab choices.


A full size run of both styles in two ready-to-wear colours will be displayed along side a Colour Bar, where all customization options will be on display. There will be selection cards available for you to record your choices and fit notes if you go for made-to-measure as well. Pricing for changes are as follows, however all items paid for that evening, be they pre-order, ready-to-wear, or custom colour will qualify for a 10% discount as a thank you for joining in on the festivities!


Lamb Skin: $0
Pig Suede: -$28
Zippers: $121.44
Lining: $0
Snaps: $0

Lamb Skin: $28
Pig Suede: $0
Zipper: $10.82
Lining: $0
Snaps: $2


So, now that you've got your process, pricing, and inspiration, start dreaming of all the beautiful options you can create! If you would like to come to the event and haven't received an invitation, you can view it here. If you'd rather a private appointment on another day or time, don't be shy to ask. And if you have yet to RSVP, please let me know if you'll be joining in on the fun! Hope to see you there!